Benefit Advantage


Benefit Advantage is an exclusive product of Morgan & Franz Administration

Benefit Advantage’s mission is to provide you and your employees with an effective health care coverage package at a time when the rapidly rising cost of healthcare is forcing many employers to discontinue employee benefits.


Statistically, a fully insured health plan will cost a company considerably more in premiums compared to a customized insurance plan. Insurance premiums increases every year regardless of utilization. As a result, thousands of dollars of your money is handed to insurance companies regardless of whether it is used or not.


  • REPLACE your current high-cost traditional fully insured medical plan with a premium savings partially self-funded health plan.
  • CUSTOMIZE your company’s benefits with the Benefit Advantage plan. Optimizing a plan design to profit the employer and employee.
  • DEPOSIT the premium difference between your fully insured plan and the Benefit Advantage plan into a claims spending account. The answer is Benefit Advantages program for businesses, a proven method of decreasing premiums without sacrificing benefits. This plan is both cost effective and easy to administer.


Morgan & Franz Administration… provides your administration needs with quality, service, flexibility, and expert knowledge of the self-funded industry & multi-employer trust funds.

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